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Speaker #1 Inconsistent with the Cambie Corridor Plan
Speaker #2 FSR bonus is larger than other projects of this type

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DPNA’s Point of View:

Concern and/or support for the assessment of heritage

  • The AMORC project represents a “thin edge of the wedge” for development in Douglas Park, using an abandoned shell of a building to have condominiums intrude into our single family zoned area.
  • In our surveys the AMORC building received minimal heritage value. The redevelopment based upon the United Church that it was is the sole means that the developer can achieve the density from the City it seeks.

Concern and/or support for the density of the proposal

  • The project was reduced from 10 units (6 units plus lockout suites) to 6 after massive community feedback. Now the City has decided based on outside feedback that lockout suites WILL be permitted, raising the possibility of “Airbnb” rentals and higher density. Tell the City that you want them to listen to what we said!
  • Increased density is part of a changing Vancouver. But the City has to take into account the residents who will be impacted. The Cambie Corridor plan is OUTSIDE this area!

Concern and/or support for parking and traffic impact

  • The proposed units are not an answer to Vancouver’s affordability crisis for renters or potential owners. They will be millions of dollars and an undue benefit for the developer

Concern and/or support for parking and traffic impact

Concerns for the Douglas Park neighbourhood moving away from being a single family neighbourhood

Concerns this project will set a precedent for other development in the area

Many concerns regarding the project’s design

Concerns that the development would put pressure on local infrastructure (e.g. traffic congestion and parking)

Other areas of Concern and/or support for the proposal

  • Will decrease property values.
  • Concern about lock-off suites tenants.
  • Support for lock-off suites to enable aging in place and family-friendly housing.
  • Concern regarding lack of accessible access to units.
  • Concern regarding emergency access provision for the site.
  • Concern regarding construction impacts including noise and dust.
  • Suggestion to convert the existing building into a community serving public use.
  • Concern that the proposal should not be considered during planning for Phase 3 of Cambie Corridor.